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NSOC_Publication Schools of Character: Making the Case for Character named 41 schools and three districts as 2014 Schools of Character (SOC). These schools and districts have demonstrated, through a rigorous evaluation process that character  development infused in the curriculum and schools showcased positive impact on the schools’ academics, student behavior, and school climate. Feature articles show how the staffs of this year’s Schools of Character roster successfully navigated troubled waters to develop a high degree of effectiveness in six significant areas – raising student achievment, improving teacher performance, teaching 21st century skills, erasing bullying, confronting parental apathy, and addressing poverty and diversity.

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Other Schools of Character Publications

2013 Schools of Character:
Innovative Leadership Inspiring ResultsPrice: $5
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2012 Schools of Character:
Building Strong Communities One Child at a TimePrice: $5
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2011 Schools of Character:
Bringing out the Best in EveryonePrice: $5
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